Hello, I'm Kevin!

An imaginative Game Designer and Illustrator based in São Paulo, Brasil.

Belief: A God's Burden Prologue

2 Headed Giant Collective, 2024

The prologue for our passion project at 2HG Collective. I collaborated in game and content design, and most of the visual art in the game.


Two Headed Giant, 2024

This project had my contribution to game design and art direction; managing my works along with four other artists.

Wreak the Havoc

Two Headed Giant, 2021

I contributed to this project with the game design, worldbuilding, and most of the art and animation. It was presented as the final paper for my Bachelor of Technology Degree.

Welcome, Azrael!

Two Headed Giant, 2022

For this project I made the game design, worldbuilding, screenplay, and art including UI/UX.

Downhill Ninja Action

Solo Project, 2022

I developed this minigame for a jam in a span of two weekdays.